Living Room Realty

Client: Living Room Realty

above/right: Jenelle Isaacson of Living Room Realty asked us to design and illustrate the exterior wall of their Southeast Portland office. After a neighborhood meeting and several productive discussions, we all agreed that a painting of a neighborhood scene would be a great addition to the Clinton–Division neighborhood where the wall exists. Our goal was to represent the variety of housing options Portland has to offer as well as some fun Portland amenities (chickens! parks! public transit!).

Special thanks to our great friends @t_kams and @liz_kamarul (pictured painting the wall) for helping make this project a reality.

right/below: For Living Room Realty's Multnomah Village office, we developed a cozy, hilly, playful neighborhood illustration that spans across the main wall and covers the windows.

Huge thanks to Zach Yarrington for so beautifully translating our illustration into a mural, to Jon Cannon for developing the "Where's Your Living Room" typography for us, and to Honey McBee for lounging in the sun.

Original sketch for the Multnomah Village office.

Original sketch for the Multnomah Village office.

above/right: Living Room's office on NW Lovejoy called for simplicity, elegance, and a pop of red. Lovely exterior photo below by 22 Pages Photography.

above: This book showcases what makes Living Room a unique Real Estate company and a valuable partner for buyers, sellers, renters, investors, and the Portland community.  

right/below:  Holiday cards and wrapping paper for Living Room agents to send to their friends and clients.

Snowy neighborhood scene illustration by Michelle Leigh. "Connection" illustration created with Natasha Hirtzel. All other illustrations by Bologna Co.