The Bologna People

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We are Kate Giambrone (left) and Julianna Johnson (right). Perhaps you've seen us exploring the streets of Portland or near the Portland State University campus where we enrich the minds of aspiring designers. We make an appearance in the videos below.

We were so honored to participate in the Monster Drawing Rally at the Portland Art Museum! The event raised over $6000 for free youth programming at the museum. Drawing Rally identity by Jason Sturgill. Video by Paul Searle.

Homebrewed by Design was an event that pairs aspiring homebrewers with independent graphic designers in Portland to design them a label for their beer.

PSU School of Art and Design.


Our Process

Creativity + Strategery
Our process is driven by creative thinking and strategic problem solving. The mix of the two approaches plus a lot of hard work lead to some pretty happy clients. Is there a collaboration in our future? Let us know by filling out a project inquiry form!

Our Name

Bologna Sandwich Co. believes that design is like a bologna sandwich.
Design is so ubiquitous that sometimes we don't even notice it's there (let alone if it's good or functional). When we do notice it, we often take it at face value…never considering the processes that contributed to its existence. But behind every designed object are teams of thinking people, histories, meanings and craft. As viewers, our interpretation of these objects is flavored by our experiences, preferences and ideas. The world is full of bologna and full of design, both good and bad. We prefer the good stuff.


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